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  2. Sorry for the temporary absence - FIXED!

    I have not tried today signing with FB What I meant it is quoting posts, with the other one it seems that if I reply/quote a post once then it keeps on quoting that posts when I type in the reply box. I have not changed any settings on that other smaller lap top so don't know will have to see why it does it
  3. Shipwrecks 'kill up to 700 migrants'

    the med is truly turning into a mass grave
  4. Is Etna's BIG ONE coming?

    Ooooo yes! Lots of Etna pix for The PL Gallery please - loadsa brownie points for that! Take care though!
  5. Sorry for the temporary absence - FIXED!

    Are you saying that FB login does work for you on the lappy you are now using?
  6. Converting UK Driving Licence to Italian

    probably the kept my Italian one when I swapped with a UK one and OH's UK licence was kept by the agency when he got his Italian one
  7. Sorry for the temporary absence - FIXED!

    I can't log in with Facebook.
  8. Sorry for the temporary absence - FIXED!

    with this laptop I don't seem to get problems I have with the other one
  9. Is Etna's BIG ONE coming?

    Just missed it by a week in 2005.
  10. Sorry for the temporary absence - FIXED!

    Thanks, I will look into it. I never have anything to do with FB so I'm groping in the dark here. BTW instead of making your own post you just edited mine!!! You need to be very careful not to trash other members posts when you have divine powers! Best you do it to me than some innocent person though.
  11. Is Etna's BIG ONE coming?

    it must be a real event to see
  12. Is Etna's BIG ONE coming?

    Got a weeks holiday in Sicily booked in 10 days time ....... a villa at Giarre, one of the nearest towns to Etna. Should get some nice pics!
  13. Is Etna's BIG ONE coming? Deadly 'mushroom cloud' volcano explodes AGAIN
  14. What would happen to expats if Britain leaves the EU?

    ok RR is an example but it is not something people will buy on a day today basis so won't employ thousands and thousands of people This is interesting from the CBI
  15. Divorced Italian allowed to pay his child support in pizzas, court rules
  16. Sorry for the temporary absence - FIXED!

    OK, FB login SHOULD work now, if someone can confirm this? I think we are supposed to create a logo for Facebook, but there should be a default one wherever until we get around to this. I just clicked on the sign in with facebook and got this message Can't Load URL: The domain of this URL isn't included in the app's domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings.
  17. That's because the sort of things the UK does best are things you only encounter indirectly. Half the world's aircraft depend on Rolls Royce engines (and the other half solely on US ones in which RR has some interests). Where are the chips in your mobile phone designed, etc. etc.? The EU is doing its best to destroy UK enterprise by regulation and stealth, and has been a disaster for Italian industry.
  18. Today only and it looks like they are going fast. Input discount code: SSD at the checkout. Free next working-day delivery to a UK address.. Did I order one myself? Yes.
  19. That's because your local machine is trying to preserve content to stop you losing it by accident. You DID hit the quote link at some previous stage. Solution: Make sure cursor is still in the edit window and do a... CTRL + A then a CTRL + X. Simples!
  20. Why does my editor insist on quoting previous posts? [Split Topic]

    nope I have actually come out several times and got back in, typing in the reply box as I am doing now but it kept quoting Digger's post
  21. Converting UK Driving Licence to Italian

    I thought they had to keep your old licence too. Maybe they will ask for it when they give me the new one.
  22. Because you are hitting the quote link to reply, and not simply typing into the reply window that is already there for you to type into!
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