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  2. The snow I think it will be the least of our problems they keep on saying Vesuvio is ready for a big bang
  3. Don't look now - it's the end of the world! As soon as it warms up I'm out on the bike to find this "resort town of Salento"; I think it's very careless of our Italian hosts to lose it! But, maybe that's because there's been vastly more tectonic plate shift than we feared (see map)? Happens when you live in a highly volcanic area - apparently.
  4. they were right the cold weather it is here
  5. Good job it was supposed to be the Euro to collapse, Sterling is doing a better job of it
  6. are we talking about this "the week" magazine " The Week magazine takes only the best articles from the global online and print media and expertly edits them together, giving you a balanced and concise view of the news from the past seven days. In just one hour," or is there another one with the same name?
  7. banks shares have been going up and down like a yoyo all week with shares being temporarily suspended because of shares (of various banks) going up or down too much MPS shares today were go figure I love all this doom predicted by the UK press they have been predicting the demise of the Euro etc for donkeys maybe it makes them feel better mind you Lloyd just scraped through and RBS didn't come out smelling of roses either
  8. Italy's UniCredit shares SUSPENDED as banking crisis grows
  9. That's the Remanian-supporting Londonistan Chronicle! Try: House prices defy gloomy post-Brexit forecasts Mind you I think the rest of the UK is willing a collapse in London prices too. But this won't be due to Brexit, it will simply be a return to some marginal sort of sanity.
  10. Italy PM pledges 'new friendship' with UK post-Brexit as May repeats EU migrant vow
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