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  2. What would happen to expats if Britain leaves the EU?

    nope I have actually come out several times and got back in, typing in the reply box as I am doing now but it kept quoting Digger's post
  3. Converting UK Driving Licence to Italian

    I thought they had to keep your old licence too. Maybe they will ask for it when they give me the new one.
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  5. Because you are hitting the quote link to reply, and not simply typing into the reply window that is already there for you to type into!
  6. What would happen to expats if Britain leaves the EU?

    Sorry Digger no idea why when I try to reply it quotes your post. I've just heard Ian Duncan Smith saying that if there is a Brexit the rest of the world will still be happy to trade with UK which got me thinking. Which British goods couldn't I do without? The sad answer is there is nothing "British" that I must have as with the present status quo there are not that many British products that are better and cheaper than what I can get here, for instance I am looking at a new hob and I looked for same or similar item in UK, price wise the same, factor getting the item here and it will be more expensive. Most of the cheaper end goods are made in places like Turkey so again might as well get those in Bulgaria at a fraction of UK prices. I usually stock up on things like on paracetamol, night nurse etc as they are cheaper but that's just about it.
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  8. Converting UK Driving Licence to Italian

    When I got my Italian Licence the agency that dealt with it (in Fasano) kept my UK old licence because they said they had to send it to whoever was issuing the new one. That included the plastic and paper parts of the UK licence.......don't suppose it really matters as it had expired and I have copies of them as well.
  9. What I find really interesting is that the majority of people I know that live or have homes here in Italy is that they think, as I do, that Brexit is the way to go.
  10. What would happen to expats if Britain leaves the EU?

    I think the majority will agree that the EU needs a major change the one that are not happy to change the status squo are the Germans
  11. Nothing at all happens until our respective governments decide otherwise. Trade and everything else will continue as normal. The remainers want everyone to believe that the world will stop on a Leave vote, but the only shock will be to the politicos who will have to drastically wake their ideas up. If the UK leaves the EU on this attempt then I don't think that Italy will be very far behind, but it might have to take its place in the queue - this is what the EUcrats really fear. If Cameron manages to wing it through his lies and cheating then - despite what he claims - the matter won't end there by a long chalk. It's quite likely the Tory party will split, and the only thing which would keep it united is a fully declared EUsceptic like Boris as leader. If that happens things will get really interesting, because, after what he's said, Boris (or whoever) would have to go back to Brussels for some REAL negotiations very soon. So - despite what they'd like you to believe - the only actual certainty will come out of a Leave vote. Anyone voting Remain because of percieved self-interest is a fool, because the EU can not survive in its present form, and what they are actually voting for is a slow and painful demise (Greek fashion). Europe with a reformed EU would be a much better place for all Europeans, but that is never going to happen without shock treatment. The whole thing needs an entire rethink, and a return to an EFTA type model. Rejoining EFTA should be the first action of a responsible UK government. We never hear anything about EFTA because the anti-democratic powers that dominate the EU don't want people to know that there's a sane alternative.
  12. What would happen to expats if Britain leaves the EU?

    yeah but what happens during the 2 year period for instance re health? does it mean that if Brexit happens the next day a British person living here or an Italian living in UK won't be entitled to free healthcare till new arrangements are in place?
  13. Dozens dead after migrant boat capsizes off Italian coast

    dreadful and I am afraid there is going to be a lot more of this happening in the next few weeks/months
  14. Converting UK Driving Licence to Italian

  15. Converting UK Driving Licence to Italian

    in theory yes but things work slowly around here
  16. Converting UK Driving Licence to Italian

    So any day now for yours then?
  17. Not Puglia, but close and tragedy enough! Dozens dead after migrant boat capsizes off Italian coast
  18. Only me

    Yeah, thanks for the heads-up on that one Digger, it's on the long to-do list now. Do you think I should change it to Citizen of the Reich?
  19. Only me

    Hello again........ absence make the heart grow fonder they say, well let's see how it goes! BTW Trajan, time to update your info under your avatar thingy........Alex Salmond will NOT be getting his dumb way!
  20. Converting UK Driving Licence to Italian

    he said about 10 days really, the day before your first visit there
  21. Converting UK Driving Licence to Italian

    How long ago was that?
  22. Last week
  23. Converting UK Driving Licence to Italian

    he said the same thing to me
  24. Converting UK Driving Licence to Italian

    That would be the piece of paper I appear to have. He did also give me my UK driving licence back. He also said he would ring me when the licence would be available - maximum 1 week he said.
  25. Converting UK Driving Licence to Italian

    I think today you get the foglio di via, is basically a paper that confirms you are getting a new licence and you can legally drive (it usually lasts for a month). I agree Davide is a really nice guy and so far seems to be efficient unlike the other agency we used for OH's driving licence re the 16€ for the residence certificate if you say it is for any legal reason the people at the anagrafe will send you to the tobacconist to get a 16€ marca da bollo (and get a bit annoyed if one comes back with 2 marche da bollo of 10€ and 6€ instead of one) this is the ministry of transport official line on EU licences PATENTE COMUNITARIA O RILASCIATA DA STATO DELLO SPAZIO ECONOMICO EUROPEOPer i titolari di una patente di guida rilasciata da uno Stato dell'Unione Europea o dello Spazio economico europeo è possibile guidare sul territorio italiano veicoli per i quali è valida la loro patente, senza obbligo di conversione dopo un anno dall'acquisizione della residenza in Italia.Tuttavia se la patente non ha limiti di validità deve essere convertita dopo due anni dall'acquisizione della residenza in Italia.E' comunque consigliabile richiedere la conversione ad esempio per facilitare eventuali procedure di rinnovo o duplicato patente. Le patenti per cui non si provvede alla conversione seguono comunque le normative italiane per quanto riguarda il rinnovo ed eventuali provvedimenti sanzionatori.
  26. I am in the process of converting my UK Driving Licence to an Italian one. Should have done it some time ago apparently. Can't remember how long you have after becoming resident, but I know I am way overdue. Anyway, last Thursday I bit the bullet and started the process rolling. I went to the driving school just down the road from the Banco di Napoli in San Vito dei Normanni, along with my trusty Italian friend to help with any defects in my Italian - of which there are many. I can recommend the driving school, the guy seems very efficient and knows what he is doing - which is good after the horror stories I have heard from other people converting. I had to supply a copy of my existing driving licence, Codice Fiscale, ID Card, and Residence Certificate - tip, if you need to get one from the Commune don't tell them it is for any sort of official reason, they will charge you €16. I told them it was just to prove I was legally resident - 26c. I also had to take two "bolletini" to the Post Office, and pay one amount of €32, and another of €10.20, and also get "Marco di Bollo" to the value of €16.00. Yesterday evening I had to return with two photos, passport size, and to have my "medical". Well, I bet that was the fastest €25 that doctor earned. Read the first letter of the bottom few lines of the eyesight chart, give him my height and weight, which he copied from my ID card, even though you can see I have lost 10kg in weight since I received it , and that was it. I was given a copy of the "medical report" and told to go back this evening - not sure what for, but will report back later.
  27. The #1 thing to know is exactly what powers it. If you don't find this out BEFORE you part with your money you are building for a disappointment, and could end up with something that's almost obsolete before you hit the on switch. If the device is Intel powered this is relatively easy: The site has all the Intel products that you will ever encounter, even very old ones and ones that haven't been released yet. Get the CPU model number from the manufacturers specification and paste it in to the search window there. There's one thing - and really only one thing - you need to look for and that's the line that says Lithography. As of today's date if that line doesn't say 14 nm you are buying an obsolescent product with much lower battery life than you need to. The shop simply won't tell you this, as they need to move this product on quickly! Here 22 nm is NOT better it is worse, and 32 nm is an antique! There's another website (though it's not the only one here) that is good to check with, and that's This site will give you a fairly good idea of how much performance you can expect from that CPU. They quote this as a PassMark figure. PassMarks of less than 500 are really poor these days, and even a tablet should have one going on towards 1000. This site helps you compare prospective purchases for computing power. Intel's own designators (e.g. i3, i5, i7, Core M, Celeron, etc.) are simply a marketing exercise, and not to be taken too seriously. Of course the car isn't just the engine, and there are other things to consider; particularly the amount of RAM memory (and whether it is permanently soldered-in or upgradeable). But, the above can help you rapidly weed out the stuff you shouldn't even be considering.
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