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Emilia Sforza Loredano

Catasto (land registry) revaluation

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There have been talks for a while now that a revaluation of properties was going to take place it looks like it is happening indeed

I went to the comune last week, finally after 4 years of asking them to recalculate my TARI tax (as they were charging me for a building I don't have) it seems we are getting somewhere with that, however I had a bit of a surprise when they told me last year I underpaid TASI (no longer in place from this year) by 76€. I said it can't be the accountant work it out. So went to the accountant to ask what happened they printed a visura catastale and it now shows my house is gone from A3 to A7.  So off I went to see the geometra to see what was going on. he printed out a visura catastale storica and indeed in Nov last year (17/11/15) the catasto revalued my house from A3 to A7 without issueing any notification to the interested party the renable value has gone up from 503€ to 630€

So anyone doing their own IMU calculation make sure your property has not been revalued


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