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Pinned  PugliaLife.com is unique!

Aug 18 2013 08:30 AM | admin in Your Region

PugliaLife.com remains the only not-for-profit community web-site for Puglia that is run by its members for its members.

PL is not just another "personal vanity website", nor is a way for one person, or organisation, to make money: the sole transparent aim is to unite the ex-pat community and the local community in a genuine self-help cooperative. This formula has worked well on the web over the years, and the present (though reluctant) caretaker of PugliLife.com is proud that several of the on-line communities he has injected the initial spark into - and then stood-back from - are still going strongly.

This website is here so that members can do their own thing without any conflicts with commercial or personal interests. You can promote your own cause or your own local business enterprise without any charge; you can advertise your goods; even advertise a property. The only requisite is that your contribution should be relevant to Life in Puglia.

All people with a genuine interest in our beautiful region are welcome to become members and to contribute - you don't have to live here, although many of our members do. Although we are a first-language-English website you certainly don't need to be first-language-English to participate - many of us are struggling with our Italian and any help we can get from native Italian speakers is appreciated! Though some of our members are Italian born and bred, and speak both languages like true natives.

Join PugliaLife.com now and don't waste another sunny second!

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"We will find ways" -- ENI CEO.

Nov 14 2013 12:56 PM | Trajan in Regional News

"This is not a problem for Italy it's a problem for ENI", says ENI chief Paolo Scaroni, intervened on the building crisis in Italian Winter gas supply. He claimed that his company will find ways around the supply shortfalls, and pointed out that despite his company's heavy reliance on its north African assets his national oil and gas company had not lost a single barrel of oil production in Egypt. Libyan oil was easy to replace he claimed, acknowledging that the natural gas shortfall was more problematic.

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Berbers shut sub-Med gas pipeline to Italy

Nov 12 2013 01:12 PM | Trajan in Regional News

Tribes in Libya yesterday shut the Greenstream sub-Med pipeline to Italy. The Amazigh minority is demanding more rights from the presently weak government in Tripoli. This adds to Italy's problems following the Ukrainian stoppage of gas supplies from Russia.

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Myth of Margarine

May 21 2013 07:03 AM | Guest in Health Matters

Margarine has its origins in France. In 1866 the French Government launched a competition that called for research into the development of a reasonably priced nutritive fat to be used as an alternative to butter. In 1869, a French chemist named Hippol...

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When going green goes wrong

Apr 05 2013 07:16 AM | Guest in Your Region

This isn't intended to be a rant or a moan......this is just an article stating some simple facts that have affected our lives here in Puglia. Before, in the good old days........when there were those lovely BIG silver bins......recycling bottles,...

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The Primary Surplus Means Italy Can Leave The Euro

Mar 19 2013 01:42 PM | Guest in Your Region

I’m sure you’ll have seen the results of the Italian elections: no real winner but we most definitely have a loser, the outgoing Prime Minister. What’s making the markets gyrate like a yo yo though is that there’s now a combination of two things. First...

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Italy brain-drain sparks debate

Mar 19 2013 01:32 PM | Guest in General

Italy is facing a "brain-drain", as large numbers of educated professionals continue to leave the country in search of better pay. The number of emigrating Italians, who hold a bachelor degree or above, rose from 11.9 percent in 2002 to 27.6 p...

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New Passenger Rights

Mar 13 2013 01:13 PM | Guest in General

New rights for airline passengers have been unveiled by the European Commission.

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Teddy does a runner

Mar 06 2013 11:34 AM | Guest in Animal Stories

As more stories break on Teddy we follow his recent history and applaud his abilities....... Young Teddy, apparently, was in a gang of 5 or 6 running riot around our area.......not that they ever bothered us.......anyway.......somebody (whose name wil...

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Does anyone know this little one?

Feb 08 2013 12:48 PM | Guest in Animal Stories

We have 20 dogs and this little one has turned up and has decided he is going nowhere! He is cute and has been well trained by someone. He was great with cats until one of ours decided to swipe him across the nose and now it is war! :angry: He...

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Berlusconi Pledges to Pay Back IMU Property Tax

Feb 06 2013 04:47 PM | Guest in General

You have just got to love this guy...................

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Man flu really DOES exist

Jan 24 2013 01:32 PM | Guest in Health Matters

The way men's brains are wired means their symptoms really are worse.

Neuroscientist Dr Amanda Ellison has argued that men really do suffer more with coughs and colds .

Says they have more temperature receptors in the brain which means they get more acute symptoms.

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A Stray Dog

Jan 24 2013 09:25 AM | Guest in Animal Stories

As the people that know me are aware animals are my passion and cruelty to animals is something I find hard to understand. If I get a chance to talk about the dogs, cats, goats, chickens, ducks and donkey that we have I will :D so I did, on Facebook, y...

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