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"We will find ways" -- ENI CEO.

Nov 14 2013 12:56 PM | Trajan in Regional News

"This is not a problem for Italy it's a problem for ENI", says ENI chief Paolo Scaroni, intervened on the building crisis in Italian Winter gas supply. He claimed that his company will find ways around the supply shortfalls, and pointed out that despite his company's heavy reliance on its north African assets his national oil and gas company had not lost a single barrel of oil production in Egypt. Libyan oil was easy to replace he claimed, acknowledging that the natural gas shortfall was more problematic.

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Berbers shut sub-Med gas pipeline to Italy

Nov 12 2013 01:12 PM | Trajan in Regional News

Tribes in Libya yesterday shut the Greenstream sub-Med pipeline to Italy. The Amazigh minority is demanding more rights from the presently weak government in Tripoli. This adds to Italy's problems following the Ukrainian stoppage of gas supplies from Russia.

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Britons arrested with heroin hidden in bread st...

Nov 28 2012 12:06 PM | Guest in Regional News


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Brace Yourself, Italy’s Politicians Will Soon R...

Nov 05 2012 08:37 AM | Guest in Regional News

Italy’s troubled economy is no longer in free fall thanks to Mario Monti and his band of technocrats. But soon the politicians will return to power and a crisis looms large. Open almost any Italian newspaper these days and you’ll see one constant them...

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Ryanair apologises after Bari 'mafia' c...

Oct 08 2012 07:31 AM | Guest in Regional News

Ryanair has been forced to apologise to Italians after a crew member on a flight to the southern city of Bari reportedly described it as the "the city of the mafia and St Nicholas" in an on-board announcement. Outraged passengers, who had boar...

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Tax authorities lift fine on 12-year-old boy

Oct 06 2012 08:24 AM | Guest in Regional News

Italian tax collection agency Equitalia on Friday cancelled a hefty fine sent to a 12-year-old boy living in Fasano in connection with unpaid car tax dating to three years before he was born. The fine amounting to 1,138.77 euros - was lifted "on r...

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Jul 28 2012 06:33 AM | Guest in Regional News

If IMU tax was not paid within the statutory deadline, it is possible to pay late as follows:- Payment within 14 days from 18.06.2012 - IMU tax will have to be paid with a 0.2% penalty per day plus interest at the rate of 2.75%Payment within 30 days f...

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Italy 'To Dump Public Holidays'

Jul 20 2012 05:20 AM | Guest in Regional News

Italians and the Catholic Church are up in arms after the Government revealed it was considering cutting the number of public holidays to increase output as the country totters on the brink of a financial crisis. According to the latest Finance Minist...

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The Knight’s Gambit

Jul 15 2012 10:57 AM | Guest in Regional News

Forza Italia is heading back to the future with Silvio Berlusconi as its prime ministerial candidate. The Knight is “the only one who can stop Forza Italia from falling apart and attract to a new party those Centre-right voters who have yet to make the...

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Italian House Sales May Fall as Much as 12%

Jul 14 2012 09:49 AM | Guest in Regional News

Italy’s home sales may fall as much as 12 percent this year amid an economic recession and as prices fall for a fourth year, research institute Nomisma said. Transactions may decrease this year to as low as 529,306, the lowest in at least 12 years, af...

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Heat wave 25% reduction in tomato yields

Jul 08 2012 06:58 AM | Guest in Regional News

The extraordinary high temperatures recorded in recent days in southern Italy caused poor fruit production above all for tomatoes, particularly in the Puglia region. The crop could be reduced by 20-25%. Also water shortages could affect the campaign....

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RES replaces TARSU

Jul 01 2012 12:25 PM | Guest in Regional News

A NEW Waste Service? The new local tax (RES) which is set to replace Tarsu and Tia will hit all owners for the service delivery of waste collection and other municipal services. RES (Tributo Comunale sui rifiuti e sui servizi) will replace TARSU an...

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Jun 25 2012 10:08 AM | Guest in Regional News

William Hill are offering odds of 3/1 that the Euro will cease to exist as a currency by the end of 2012, having at one staged offered odds of 10/1 about that happening. 'It has been one way traffic in our market on whether the Euro will survive u...

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