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  1. and the Stock Market is already recovering, " We told you earlier that the FTSE 100 had opened slightly up this morning. Well, there's some good news too for the battered FTSE 250 as well, which is 3.2% higher. The biggest riser is Marshalls, up 12.7%, with G4S up 10.6% and Redrow 9.4% higher. The FTSE 250 is made up of a broader range of companies than the largely multi-nationals which make up the FTSE 100 stocks." and the £ is now €1.20. I believe things will settle down pretty quickly. Also this from another forum: In a letter to a friend, dated 30th April 1952, from Jean Monnet, one of the 'founding fathers' of the EU:
  2. Well all the forecasters got the result wrong, why should they be any better at this.
  3. Trajan could have got 2 lots? Only ebuyer don't deliver outside UK. Would need some kind soul to receive and then forward on.
  4. This is a translation from the Italian plea for a home for Mario. "His name is Mario, a sweet maremmano that in its short life has experienced the worst of the worst... Abandoned puppy and invested, collected from a volunteer pugliese, that cured him as much as possible... x Mario has grown only in an enclosed land in the sun and in the rain... During the storms ran desperate panic.... Look who lost of nn knows which is the place in the world.... Then comes a phone call... A request for adoption.. And Mario part x Milan.... The toy is new... It's fun.... But after six months of house of Mario it gets old and x he expects the kennel. I only have a month to find house x ' Amario.... A house with a garden where Mario can be followed as displasico.... Please hand on heart.... X that this evening I have the heart to pieces Mario, male not sterilized weight about 40 pounds, displasico, as good as the bread...." This poor boy really needs a family where he can live in the house, but have access to a garden when he wants to go out. At the moment he is in the Milan area, but could be brought back down to Puglia if the right home could be found for him. It would be better if he could be the only dog in the family, athough through time he can get on with other dogs.
  5. So now Emilia and my licences are ready apparently. We have to take UK ones to the driving school tomorrow, and will get our Italian ones Tuesday. So less than 3 weeks to convert isn't bad.
  6. I can't log in with Facebook.
  7. Just missed it by a week in 2005.
  8. I thought they had to keep your old licence too. Maybe they will ask for it when they give me the new one.
  9. So any day now for yours then?
  10. How long ago was that?
  11. That would be the piece of paper I appear to have. He did also give me my UK driving licence back. He also said he would ring me when the licence would be available - maximum 1 week he said.
  12. I am in the process of converting my UK Driving Licence to an Italian one. Should have done it some time ago apparently. Can't remember how long you have after becoming resident, but I know I am way overdue. Anyway, last Thursday I bit the bullet and started the process rolling. I went to the driving school just down the road from the Banco di Napoli in San Vito dei Normanni, along with my trusty Italian friend to help with any defects in my Italian - of which there are many. I can recommend the driving school, the guy seems very efficient and knows what he is doing - which is good after the horror stories I have heard from other people converting. I had to supply a copy of my existing driving licence, Codice Fiscale, ID Card, and Residence Certificate - tip, if you need to get one from the Commune don't tell them it is for any sort of official reason, they will charge you €16. I told them it was just to prove I was legally resident - 26c. I also had to take two "bolletini" to the Post Office, and pay one amount of €32, and another of €10.20, and also get "Marco di Bollo" to the value of €16.00. Yesterday evening I had to return with two photos, passport size, and to have my "medical". Well, I bet that was the fastest €25 that doctor earned. Read the first letter of the bottom few lines of the eyesight chart, give him my height and weight, which he copied from my ID card, even though you can see I have lost 10kg in weight since I received it , and that was it. I was given a copy of the "medical report" and told to go back this evening - not sure what for, but will report back later.