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  1. The snow I think it will be the least of our problems they keep on saying Vesuvio is ready for a big bang
  2. they were right the cold weather it is here
  3. Good job it was supposed to be the Euro to collapse, Sterling is doing a better job of it
  4. are we talking about this "the week" magazine " The Week magazine takes only the best articles from the global online and print media and expertly edits them together, giving you a balanced and concise view of the news from the past seven days. In just one hour," http://subscription.theweek.co.uk/about-the-week/ or is there another one with the same name?
  5. banks shares have been going up and down like a yoyo all week with shares being temporarily suspended because of shares (of various banks) going up or down too much MPS shares today were up.so go figure I love all this doom predicted by the UK press they have been predicting the demise of the Euro etc for donkeys maybe it makes them feel better mind you Lloyd just scraped through and RBS didn't come out smelling of roses either
  6. There have been talks for a while now that a revaluation of properties was going to take place it looks like it is happening indeed I went to the comune last week, finally after 4 years of asking them to recalculate my TARI tax (as they were charging me for a building I don't have) it seems we are getting somewhere with that, however I had a bit of a surprise when they told me last year I underpaid TASI (no longer in place from this year) by 76€. I said it can't be the accountant work it out. So went to the accountant to ask what happened they printed a visura catastale and it now shows my house is gone from A3 to A7. So off I went to see the geometra to see what was going on. he printed out a visura catastale storica and indeed in Nov last year (17/11/15) the catasto revalued my house from A3 to A7 without issueing any notification to the interested party the renable value has gone up from 503€ to 630€ So anyone doing their own IMU calculation make sure your property has not been revalued
  7. as I thought the wonder girl so far has only managed 1 council meeting that she had to have and surprise surprise she has to clear things with the "diretterio" before she does anything. Silly puppet or should it be muppet
  8. that's typical politicians talk things they say and don't mean Mind you if things keep going as it says in this article in 2 years time I might be able to buy back my house in London http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/revealed-how-thousands-of-house-deals-collapsed-in-london-due-to-brexit-a3305526.html
  9. not good news http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3664412/Halal-butchers-destroyed-thugs-throw-petrol-bomb-it.html
  10. The problem is that there is an European parliament, we elect MEPs but they don't have any power to legislate as heads of government make all the final decisions and that's where the problem is. The more powerful government/s will bully the others.in doing what they want and it is in their own country best interest The EU must change how it works because sorting out whether bananas should be straight or not is no longer an option. The new structure must be like something along the lines of USA, Switzerland where some things come under "federal" but each state has its own identity and area of decision making. At the end of the day even government don't really count that much anymore the ones that dictate policies are the huge financial organisations and multinational companies.the big force behind globalisation which has lower living standards everywhere
  11. What I find despicable about Brexit it is not the right of Britain to come out of the EU etc if that had been done by supporting their case with valid arguments on the pros and cons. All I have seen of Brexit propaganda is blame foreigners for everything with a campaign that went beyond racist, all foreigners are scrounging off the UK and taking jobs away from British people. That's despicable and incidents of pure hatred, see cards left near houses where Polish people live, calling them scum go home you vermin etc etc have now started but during world war 2 the Poles were welcome when they had to put their lives on the line. The truth of the matter is that there are only 3 countries in the world that count, they are Russia, USA China everyone else is a little pawn in world politics
  12. Forgot to add pity the Tory Chancellor said that there will have to be higher taxes and cut in spending in the near future
  13. Yes it is all a bed of roses for the UK I don't have a problem with a European federal state on the line of the USA I have just heard Farage speach at the EU parliament with his usual blah blah well Mr Farage I certainly I have no interest in having a friend like you and the best reply to his verbal D was "well you are out so what are you doing here" brilliant succinct reply
  14. AAA gone too, Sterling £1/1.19€ down 10c from day before referendum joy not
  15. The UK has had its credit rating outlook downgraded to "negative" by the ratings agency Moody's after the country voted to leave the EU. Moody's said the result would herald "a prolonged period of uncertainty". Meanwhile, PM David Cameron is under pressure to speed up "divorce" talks with the EU after Brussels said exit negotiations should start immediately. EU head Jean-Claude Juncker said it was "not an amicable divorce", but it was "not a tight love affair anyway". Moody's said the referendum result would have "negative implications for the country's medium-term growth outlook", and it lowered the UK's long term issuer and debt ratings to "negative" from "stable". Tipped favourite It added: "In Moody's view, the negative effect from lower economic growth will outweigh the fiscal savings from the UK no longer having to contribute to the EU budget." It also said the UK had one of the largest budget deficits among advanced economies. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36626201